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Topics Covered in the Courses of University Of The Sunshine Coast, Australia:

  • BUS101 Business Analytics
  • BUS102 Introduction to Economics
  • BUS104 Introduction to Management
  • BUS105 Introduction to Marketing
  • BUS106 Accounting for Business
  • BUS108 Introduction to Informatics
  • COR109 Communication and Thought
  • BUS203 Business Law and Ethics
  • BUS320 Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility
  • HRM210 Managing Human Resources
  • HRM211 Staffing and Remuneration
  • HRM220 Managing Workplace Relations
  • HRM311 Leadership and Team Dynamics
  • HRM312 Training and Development
  • HRM321 Managing Organisational Change
  • IBS220 Cross-Cultural Management
  • COR109 Communication and Thought
  • ENG101 Foundations of Engineering
  • ENG102 Engineering Statics
  • ENG103 Introduction to the Internet of Things
  • MTH103 Introduction to Applied Mathematics
  • MTH104 Introductory Calculus
  • SCI107 Physics
  • ENG202 Introduction to Engineering Design
  • ENG204 Thermodynamics
  • ENG205 Dynamics 1
  • ENG221 Mechanics of Materials
  • ENG225 Engineering Materials
  • ENG226 Manufacturing Technology
  • ENG227 Mechanical Design 1
  • ENG228 Mechanical Design 2
  • ENG300 Fluid Mechanics
  • ENG301 Materials Technology
  • ENG302 Engineering Project Management
  • ENG303 Computational Mechanics
  • ENG335 Production Engineering
  • COR109 Communication and Thought
  • LFS100 Cell Biology
  • LFS112 Human Physiology
  • LFS122 Human Anatomy
  • MLS101 Foundations in Medical Science
  • SCI105 Chemistry
  • SCI110 Science Research Methods
  • BIM263 Introduction to Pharmacology
  • BIM331 Immunology
  • LFS201 Systemic Physiology I
  • LFS202 Systemic Physiology II
  • LFS251 Biochemistry
  • LFS252 Molecular Biology
  • LFS261 Microbiology
  • LFS303 Pathophysiology
  • CRM101 Introduction to Criminology
  • CRM102 Understanding Crime
  • CRM103 Punishment and Corrections
  • CRM105 Policing
  • JST101 Justice and the Australian Legal System
  • SCS101 Foundations of Human Behaviour
  • CRM202 Diversity, Crime and Justice
  • CRM204 Applied Crime Prevention
  • CRM301 Issues in Crime and Criminal Justice
  • CRM304 Professional Ethics and Integrity Management
  • LGL201 Criminal Law: An Introduction

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