How to Write an Impeccable College Essay


The Ultimate Cheat Sheet: How to Write an Impeccable College Essay 

This post is not about writing college essays but about submitting the best college essay of your life. In case you were losing your sleep over how to write a college admission essay. Then you have come to the right place looking for answers.

You already know how to impress your professor with an academic essay; you start with a well-researched introduction, explain the thesis statement, and wrap the essay up with a conclusion not leaving behind any loose end.

However, when it comes to composing an entrance essay, it is entirely a different story. This article becomes the centerpiece of your application. Experts suggest spending most of your time on writing the application essay. And the 500-600 words applicants write about them help the college to narrow down on the most deserving candidates.

Why Do You Need to Write an Application Essay?

You may wonder why colleges put so much importance on college admission essays. Admission officers look for mostly three things in your essay.

  • Your introduction 

  • Which values you will bring into the campus

  • And obviously, your writing skills 

A college essay is a perfect opportunity to showcase not only your writing skills but the two others mentioned above. Only looking at some sample college essays won't help you much in coming up with the best writing for your admission process. You can take the help of college essay prompts. However, you must submit a feature that needs to breathe life into your application. It should help the admission officer apprehend your genuine personality and must explain who you really are beyond your grades. Writing the perfect admission essay is not as scary as it seems at first. Just keep some tips in your mind, and the rest will be a smooth sail.

Struggles Applicants Face while Working On Admission Essay

One of the most common issues students encounter is not to squeeze everything they have done or achieved in their lives in just 500-600 words essay. However, most candidates forget the simple fact that an admission essay isn't about their life story. Instead, experts suggest picking a specific event and focusing on telling the story behind it.

Every college student wants their personal statement to create an excellent first impression and boost his chance of being accepted. We know it's easier said than done. Choosing a college essay topics can be stressful. Looking at an empty piece of paper and not knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

You can look into some college essay examples written by other students or check out some of the sample college essays online. Whatever you do, make sure you are coming up with a concise, coherent, and accurate composition. As an applicant, experts say you need to flex some intellectual muscle by including anecdotes and vivid details in your essay. However, if you aren't an ace writer, these can be tough to achieve while writing.  Expert writers can help you write a perfect college admission essay that would instantly take you a few steps ahead of other candidates.

If you are questioning yourself how to write a college essay, plenty of options are available online, including hiring an expert to do all the legwork for you!

Take Your Time to Read the College Essay Prompt 

The best way to ease yourself into the essay writing process is to take your time to understand the prompt. Read the essay question and make sure you understand it clearly before you start writing. Usually, you would get two-three main ideas or topics to focus on, which can vary from sharing personnel experience to some generic discussion. However, every essay prompts is designed to challenge your creative capability and writing skills. While writing the essay, make sure you are adhering to the composition prompt. However, it's not that always you will get a prompt from the college. Many times you need to come up with a topic. It might sound easy at first, but trust us coming up with a topic or theme of your essay can be really hard.  

To Make the Process a Little Easier; Start with Picking up the Right Topic

Choosing the right college essay topics can make it a lot easier to start working on a personal statement. You can take college essay tips from admission counselors. Most of these prompts that you get from the admission counselor are open-end and broad, giving students the liberty to choose from a wide array of topics. 

Stop wondering how to write a college essay and read on to understand the importance of framing a perfect outline first. 

Experts talk about the essay, not being a complete autobiography. If you are confused about how to write a college essay outline, this post can help you to frame a structure and to be more thoughtful while coming up with an immaculate admission essay.  

College essay tips from admission counselors encourage students to focus on more ordinary topics. Experts suggest it is more important for a student to be thoughtful while writing about an event and tell a story that offers insights into who you are as a person.

So if you are still confused about how to write a college essay, you might experience difficultly with brainstorming potential topics. You can start by asking for advice and guidance from your peers. To make it easier, you can ask something like, what differentiates me from others of my age? Or what are some of the quirks of my personality?

The Perfect Brainstorming

A perfect brainstorming can help you discover the Perfect Answer to Yours ''How to Write A College Essay'' Question. 

College essay examples can only help you come up with an idea about which kind of topic to focus on. Just researching how to write a college-level essay can't help you with deciding your topic. To get an impressive essay idea, make sure you are brainstorming all the available options.

These five exercises can help you to come up with a winning essay idea. As per the college essay guy, practicing these following approaches would help you think about college essay subjects more quickly. And we find it valuable and worth sharing with you!


  • The Essence Object Approach 

  • Value Exercise 

  • Concentrating On Details Exercise 

  • About Me Exercise 

  • Discovering My Feeling Exercise 

These exercising will help you to come up with a perfect topic about yourself. Let us explain to you a little about each of these exercises. Practice these, and the process would greatly help you decide on something unusual worth sharing in your college essay.

Before you start with the exercise, choose a quiet place to sit with a coffee or your favorite beverage.

According to the college essay guy website, the Essence Object Approach is about imagining a box where you would keep all the things valuable to you for numerous reasons. Like the first letter, you got from a friend or the last sweater from your granny, something that reminds you of someone closer to your heart.

Now for the value exercise approach, choose ten value-words about you. Then, choose five from those ten, then focus on the top three, and write about them a little.

Now in the third step, make a list of details from your life. For example, you can decide on writing about something exciting that describes any random part of who you are.

Next, write some aspects of your life that you would like the college to know about you. Write these points in bullets.

The last and most effective approach is, framing a table consisting of 


  • Column One: Challenges you faced in the past

  • Column Two:  Effects of those challenges on you

  • Column Three: How did you feel about your situation?

  • Column Four: What were your needs at that moment?

  • Column Five: What did you do about your situation?

  • Column Six: And you learn from that experience?

How to Write a College Essay Outline? Is Framing a Structure is Necessary?

Many experts encourage students to start with an outline while writing a college admission essay. They prefer students to start with a structure before jumping into the actual writing. There can be varied ways of doing that. However, we prefer you to start with a format, no need for it to be perfect; just write down points or sub-headings. Let the first draft be a brain junkyard. Don't restrict your flow when you are writing the first draft; just put your thoughts out.

If you are still having a hard time getting started and still wondering how to write a college essay perfectly? Try to focus on the opening sentence. Try to start with a hook that would instantly grab the attention of an admission officer. A sharp hook sentence would be something quite unusual than what an admission officer generally read. The sentence or the opening paragraph should provoke that person to keep reading your essay. Your essay should be excellent overall with an impressive opening.  

Proofreading Is Vital 

Once you are done writing your essay, take as much time as you need to proofread. You have worked so hard until this point. Congratulation on doing such great work! Wait, your work isn't done yet. Experts say, your writing is as good as your editing. Grammatical errors or spelling typos can indicate negligence, which is not an impressive thing to show while applying for admission in a college.

Some tips that would help you with the proofreading

Take as much time as you need. Let the essay sit for some time, maybe a few hours or so, before you start proofreading it.

Don't overly rely on computer spelling and grammar checks; use some premier proofreading software.

Don't use abbreviate, acronyms.

Have someone else read your essay

Make sure you have adhered to the essay prompt.

Make sure there is no loose end at the end of your essay.

Read the essay, conclusion first and introduction last, which helps your brain fill in blanks and point out the missing information.

Read the essay out loud; this would increase your chance to find a typo.

Check for consistency; make sure you haven’t switched back and forth from different tense. 

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