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List of Topics covered in the courses of Charles Sturt University, Australia:

  • BCM211 Foundations of Biochemistry
  • BMS129 Physiological Sciences 1
  • BMS130 Physiological Sciences 2
  • BMS208 Human Nutrition
  • BMS240 Human Molecular Genetics
  • BMS310 Disease Processes
  • BMS313 Infectious Diseases and Applied Immunology
  • BMS340 Pharmacology (16 points)
  • CHM104 Chemistry 1A
  • CHM107 Chemistry 1B
  • CHM219 Organic & Physical Chemistry
  • MCR101 Introduction to Microbiology
  • PHM101 Introduction to Pharmacy
  • PHM131 Pharmaceutics 1
  • ACC100 Accounting 1
  • ACC110 Accounting 2
  • ACC200 Accounting Systems
  • ACC210 Management Accounting
  • ACC222 External Reporting
  • ACC275 Professional Practice in Accounting
  • ACC311 Strategic and Sustainable Accounting
  • ACC322 Company Accounting
  • ACC331 Auditing & Assurance Services
  • ACC341 Accounting Theory
  • ECO130 Business Economics
  • FIN211 Financial Management
  • LAW110 Business Law
  • LAW220 Business Organisations Law
  • LAW301 Taxation Law (Principles)
  • MGT100 Organisations and Management
  • MGT230 Ethics, Sustainability and Culture
  • ECO130 Business Economics
  • MGT100 Organisations & Management
  • MGT230 Ethics, Sustainability & Culture
  • BUS110 Workplace Learning 1
  • BUS220 Workplace Learning 2
  • BUS370 Workplace Learning 3
  • QBM117 Business Statistics
  • FIN211 Financial Management
  • FIN230 Financial Institutions & Markets
  • FIN350 Strategic Financial Management
  • ECO220 Macroeconomic Analysis
  • FIN221 Investments
  • FIN331 Financial Planning
  • FIN340 International Finance
  • FIN360 Treasury Risk Management
  • FIN370 Funds Management
  • FIN380 Superannuation
  • LAW330 Finance Law
  • ENG160 Engineering Challenge 0
  • ENG161 Engineering Challenge 1
  • ENG271 Civil Engineering Topic Tree - Student Engineer
  • ENG162 Engineering Challenge 2
  • ENG180 Performance Planning & Review - Student Engineer
  • ENG261 Engineering Challenge 3
  • ENG280 Performance Planning & Review - Junior Cadet
  • ENG471 Civil Engineering Topic Tree - Cadet Engineer
  • ENG291 Engineering Portfolio - Introductory
  • ENG292 Engineering Portfolio - Developing
  • ENG380 Performance Planning & Review - Intermediate Cadet
  • ENG399 Engineering Cornerstone Thesis
  • ENG480 Performance Planning & Review - Senior Cadet
  • ENG491 Engineering Portfolio - Consolidating
  • ENG492 Engineering Portfolio - Advanced
  • ENG599 Engineering Capstone Thesis
  • ENG580 Performance Planning & Review - Professional Engineer
  • ENG571 Advanced Topics in Civil Engineering
  • ENG592 Engineering Portfolio - Professional
  • COM127 Introduction to Media Production
  • COM114 Presentation for Communicators
  • COM112 Digital Media
  • COM224 Communication Research Strategies
  • IKC101 Indigenous Australian Cultures, Histories and Contemporary Realities
  • ETH205 Ethics and Law for Communication and Creative Industries
  • COM321 Communication Work Placement
  • CCI302 Emergent Professional

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