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List of Topics Covered by Courses of Australia Holmes institute:

  • HC1011 - Accounting for Business
  • HC1021 - Interpersonal and Electronic Communication
  • HC1031 - Managing People and Organisations
  • HC1041 - Information Technology for Business
  • HC1052 - Organizational Behaviour
  • HC1062 - Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • HC1072 - Economics and International Trade
  • HC1082 - Marketing
  • HC2022 - Marketing Research
  • HC2091 - Business Finance
  • HC2101 - Performance Management for Human Resources
  • HC2112 - Services Marketing and Relationship Marketing
  • HC2121 - Comparative Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • HA1011 - Applied Quantitative Methods
  • HA1022 - Principles of Financial Management
  • HA2011 - Management Accounting
  • HA2032 - Corporate & Financial Accounting
  • HA2022 - Business Law
  • HA2042 - Accounting Information Systems
  • HA3011 - Advanced Financial Accounting
  • HA3021 - Corporations Law
  • HA3032 - Auditing
  • HA3042 - Taxation Law
  • HA1020 - Accounting Principles & Practices
  • HC1010 - Accounting for Business
  • HS1011 Data Communications and Networks
  • HS1021 Web Design
  • HC1031 Managing People and Organisations
  • HC1062 Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • HC1041 Information Technology for Business
  • HS2011 Systems Analysis and Design
  • HS2021 Database Design and Use
  • HS2031 Human-Computer Interaction
  • HS2041 Enterprise Systems
  • HC2051 Web Applications Development
  • HC3152 E-Business Applications
  • HS3011 Information Security
  • HS2061 Information Systems Project Management

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