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The technological elements have particularly aided the value chain of firms like Mantra Group (hotels) as with the execution of new technological evolution, the company has been capable to advance their operations and also have been capable of staying ahead of other market competitors. The application of advanced technologies has empowered the Mantra group to develop their organisational efficacy and provide more innovative offerings and value propositions to their guests who visit their hotels from across the world. As the guests of Mantra Group are more inclined on technological utilities and convenience that has allowed world class provisions so Mantra Group has made considerable investments in advanced technologies to improve efficacy of their value chain and to offer rapid, high quality booking and check out facilities for their guests. Like technological advances have allowed guests at Mantra group hotels to make easy self-check-in and checkout seamlessly with electronic kiosks. Also visitors can utilise their smart phones as room key which makes them proceed to rooms faster with few clicks. 

The technologies that has disrupted the hotel and hospitality industry including the Mantra Group hotels are:

Artificial intelligence- AI has disrupted the hotel industry by altering the manner booking inquiries are handled and guest are converted into loyal customers through innovative and differentiated offerings (Christensen, et al. 2018).  Conversational chatbots are programmed to start simulated conversation in native language that enables more precise and effective interactions. 

Big data- this is rapidly transforming into a disruption within hotel industry that is aiding to offer exceptional customer service experiences to guests through valuable data information (Wessel and Christensen, 2012).  Such as guests are helped fully from departure to destination with customised suggestions that personalise their journeys and choices at hotels like drinks, dining, activities etc. Big Data help to collect information to utilise learning to build predictions on customer choices that are more suitable. Also valuable data’s help to identify trends by assessing persona of guest which helps to match hotel services.

Automation- within hotel industry through help of automation it has been possible to craft precise strategic processes for customer care services that has helped to minimise costs and optimise operations (Brochado, Rita  and Margarido, 2016).  Shift in patterns can be noticed with help of automation and machine learning to support responses that are accurate to meet customised offers and personalised recommendations that matches lifestyle choices of visitors which helps to improve services and leads to flawless decisions.

Machine learning- with help of machine learning within hotel industry it has been possible to deliver relevant opportunities through valuable guest friendly services such as complementary traveller preferences through personalised meal options, books or music, nearby sporting activities, special privileges  to match guest’s taste (Wessel and Christensen, 2012).  Also with machine learning operations within hotels can interact perfectly to empower guest with customised experiences to offer exceptional level of services.

Voice assistants: sophisticated technologies like voice assistants have enabled hotel industry providers to offer easy and engaging exquisite treatment for guests where with voice technology and recognition systems the travellers can control their rooms and enjoy home like experience through interconnected devices.

These technologies have influenced hotel industry including Mantra Group hotels by becoming supportive to complement product and service options through different innovation in customer service management, point of sale service and hotel inventory software which has enabled seamless and memorable customer experience at different touchpoints. With rising execution of disruption technologies in customer experience different operational procedures of hotels like Mantra group have turned more valuable and simplified. Like instead of cash registers now Mantra hotels use barcodes, mobile payment and cloud technology to manage online bookings. Also R&D process of Mantra Group hotels have become efficacious with utilisation of machine learning and AI knowledge which has increased their operational effectiveness, dynamic pricing and forecasting.

By being innovative, Mantra Group can become ExO by: (Morales, 2019).

·         Outsourcing primary functions to get more flexibility in responding to market demand

·         Utilising collaborative practice

·         Enhancing efficacy through algorithm

·         Utilising asst on demand concept and not owning more assets

·         Expanding collaboration with community

·         Utilising real time management procedures for operational process to build performance

·         Adapting to meet external trends

·         Adapting collaborative technology, de-centralised organisational structure and extending interface between hotel service and guests

With current business model, Mantra Group hotels has capability to survive in near future as their model is based on core strategic principles i.e. acquisition and enlargement of talent capital, formation of outstanding intuition and realisation procedure, efficacious assessment of needs of customers and realisation of possibilities and exploiting technological advances and provisions to deliver distinctive solution to customer. All these principles together help to develop Mantra Group as profitable and outstanding business, as well as supports in better adaptation to dynamic trends in market by exploiting growth possibilities and wants of customers to offer them exceptional services, which further will help them to sustain in near future. 

Brochado, A., Rita, P., and Margarido, A. (2016). High tech meets high touch in upscale hotels. Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology7(4), 347-365.

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Wessel, M., and Christensen, C. M. (2012). Surviving disruption. Harvard Business Review90(12), 56-64.


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