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Project management is one of the driving forces that are ensuring the success of the project, therefore, making it essential that the most suitable project management approach is adopted. The selection of the project management is not enough, as proper attention should be given towards the execution of the selected approach. Therefore, the aim of the essay in discussion is to present an insight into the initial stage of the project management approach. The initial stage of the project management approaches is the initiation stage that defines the project scope, background and other aspects that will be responsible for the project progress. The discussed step involves a number of documents that supports the project delivery. Hence, the aim of the essay is to detail different project management approaches and examining of the initiation process. The examination will be supported by different documents that are an essential part of the project initiation. The discussion will be carried out on the case of Uber’s new application’s development.

            Primarily, the most prominent project management approaches can be classified in four categories. The first category being the traditional project management approach that offers project management approaches such as waterfall and linear project management approach. The second category being the agile project management approach that accounts for the adaptive and iterative project management approaches. The other two project management approaches are extreme and emertxe project management approach. The matrix attached below is reference to the scope and process defining of the discussed project management approaches.






Defined               Not defined

Not defined







            The smart art attached below is reference towards the different phases that are involved in the project management. However, it should be noted that the discussed phases are not associated with each and every project management approaches some of them have further sub-categories or they abide by different order and name.

            The most recent application of the Uber have been in controversy because a group of Uber associates believes that the new application is giving more power to the application and technological advancement over the managerial figures. The discussed controversy also deemed need for reform in the application and hence, it is one of the most complex example of the project that needs to be discussed in detail. The application in discussion offers the driver’s more ease and comfort as the role of the mangers are limited and the app works at a greater speed with more effectiveness. One of the reasons that the discussed app is gaining chances is because it has witnessed large changes since the initiation of the project and further changes are expected to be made in the application. One of the crucial aspects that needs to be taken in consideration is that the application’s project is inducting changes in the development phase based on the end-user’s feedback and the client’s feedback, which makes it a change-driven approach. To be precise as per the case 38 changes were made in the app based on the feedbacks from the drivers. The project management approach that fits the criteria in discussion is the agile project management approach. The reason for the aforementioned fact can be defined by the fact that this approach is change driven and accepts feedbacks based on which the changes are made. The discussed method was developed to support the projects that deems necessity for changes and reforms along with greater speed and flexibility.

            It has been detailed above that the project management approaches consists of 5 phases and the first stage being the initiation phase. The initiation phase of a project is defining of the project objectives and establishing the background of the project. Several other aspects of the project are also introduced in the project initiation phase. The phase in discussion accounts for multiple documents. The process documents that are essential part of the project initiation phase and are establishing the needs for the project and acts as input for the new project have been discussed below.

            The first being the commitment towards the financial resources.

            The project stakeholders that have association with the project directly or indirectly in determining the outcome of the project.

            The next step involves the selection of the project manager as they are the ones who will be accountable for the project success and for ensuring that the activities of the project.

            Project charter is the one of the most essential documents of the project management because it offers a detailed insight into the project. The discussed document is defined as the document that depicts the legal existence of the project and provides the project manager with the authority to equip and use the organizational resources in order to successfully complete the project authorities. The charter bounds the plans and methods of the organization alongside the project. Another crucial aspect that is detailed by the project charter I regarding the stakeholders who are associated with the project. The project requirements are being detailed in the discussed charter along side the milestones, budget, deliverables and constraints & limitations. All the discussed part of the project charter is dedicated towards a specific objective. The budgeting helps in authorizing the use of the budget for the purpose of the project, while constraints and limitations details the challenges that needs to be obligated or mitigated in order to attain a high quality of project deliverable with efficiency and effectiveness. The project participants and stakeholders are dedicated towards detailing the roles that different individuals will hold during the project initiation to project completion. The milestones will help in understanding the achievements that have been completed and will act as a point of termination for an activity or a set of activities that are related to attaining a common objective. Hence, in summary project charter is an essential part of the project that can offer relevance to the project initiation and needs to be given adequate attention so that it can achieve the objective.

            Stakeholder Register is another crucial aspect of the project initiation phase. The reason for the aforementioned statement can be justified by the fact that the project charter details the stakeholders that are associated with the project. However, it does not detail the roles and responsibilities that will be hold by each stakeholder or a group of stakeholders. The defining of the roles and responsibilities are essential as they help in maintain a workplace balance and attracts accountability from different stakeholders. The stakeholder register provides information about the stakeholders that incorporates their roles and responsibilities as well as the impact that will happen on them because of the project.

            Statement of work is another crucial document that is taken in consideration during the project initiation phase. The discussed document is dedicated towards detailing the results that will be obtained from the project. The procedures that will be followed to obtain the results and the outcomes of the project. Similarly, the statement of work presents other crucial details. The other crucial details that have been mentioned in the above statement is reference towards the project scope, business requirement, project definition and the strategic plans that will offer effectiveness and efficiency to the project. The statement of work is prepared by the stakeholder who is responsible for initiating the project or are the sponsors of the project. Another possible scenario is that the client of the project will present the statement of the work with the details that are essential for the project. The statement of work provided by the clients are part of the bidding document and is processed by the project managers and higher associates. It is one of the most crucial documents that establishes the project and initiates the path for the initiation of the project to be delivered with high quality.

            The discussions over the project management approaches, its phases and the project initiation phase have detailed different perspectives that are essential for the successful delivery of the project. The discussion have also enabled the understanding of the crucial aspects of the project initiation and the documents that should be the part of the process so that the project can successfully move to the next phase. The documents that have been discussed as part of the project initiation phases includes some of the most crucial documents and depicts different essential needs of the project. The stakeholder register depicts the preferential treatment that the stakeholders should be given based on their crucial importance in the project. The statement of work also depicts the need for the project outcome and adoption of the strategies that can help in successful delivery along with other crucial aspects. The project charter is also an essential part of the project initiation phase that should be provided with adequate attention. The crucial importance along with other aspects have been detailed to ensure s successful project initiation. Hence, in summary it can be stated that the project initiation is a crucial phase of project management and should be provided adequate attention.


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