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1. Introduction

Application of advanced technology in educational sector has a directly influences the stratum of human living standard. However, in the teaching process, the implication of new technology support is offering a vital scope for raising the learning process better in the classroom. A highly competitive environment requires strong skills-based information support for reducing different barrier in the corporate sector towards meeting the demand of business in a significant method.

1.0 Outline of the Proposed Research

1.1Background of the research        

The order to the accomplishment of research work in a significant process understanding the background of the research is essential. In the current educational sector, most preferences were provided towards the adoption of iPad in teaching as well as a learning process in order to development of business. However, understanding the different learning situation in this sector has effective contribution towards meeting requirement of students. These types of implication become necessary to generate better results. The digital implication in the educational sector provided support for the adoption of more skills in a systematic way. iPad changes the teaching and learning process as well as understanding their contribution is essential for the adoption of these types of practices. The present research goes along equal lines in association to depict implication of iPad in classroom for raising the performance of children. Generally, in current days these types of learning apps were developed based on the requirement of student for reducing their additional pressure by the support of these types of technology.


Purpose of this research work is to understand the new technology support in the perspective of classroom learning. Therefore, the implication of iPad in classroom learning how effective for overcoming of old issues in this sector. 

1.2 Research aim       

The major aim of current research is to quantify the influence of iPad implication in classroom supportive for overcoming old issues in the learning process.


1.3 Research objectives

·         To investigate the new technology support in classroom learning and ways for overcoming old issues in the learning process

·         To determine significant support of iPad in classroom for enhancing learning process and reducing the impact of learning issues

·         To formulate a recommendation for the encouragement of iPad implication in a classroom for the development of learning environment           

1.4 Research question

What are the benefits of new technology implication in the educational sector?

What are the major influences of iPad implementation in the classroom towards development of curriculum?

What are the factors which influence iPad implication in the classroom?

1.5 Rationale of the research           

Growing various types of challenges in classroom learning it becomes essential for adaption of right technology support. In this matter, advanced technology support is effective for improving the learning skills of a student and reducing various issues in this sector. However, the research question was focused on the practical implication of iPad in the educational sector. Therefore, this type of tools and techniques becomes significant in the classroom learning process for enhancing the performance of students. The growing demand of advanced skills it is essential for having mobile internet access in relation to the development of learning process in an advanced Key principle behind application of these types of technology in the classroom is to reduce the learning barrier in schools. Thus, it is essential for having a potential possibility in educational sector towards meeting overall planning in this sector. Implementing these types of practices in urban as well as rural classes provides a good impact on the overall progress of learning institution. A significant role of iPad in the classroom is offering support for overcoming critical issues in the learning level of a student towards meeting common goal a progressive way. 

Digital technology support in this field can be effective in order to make the learning process excellent based on digital stores. The implication of these types of learning process becomes essential for generating better information support for reducing traditional learning barrier. Initial intervention of iPod in the classroom provides basic structure for understanding digital technology in an effective way. Digital storytelling apps have a direct influence on learning process of children in order to development of work in a better way.

As per the requirement of educational innovation, it is necessary for having proper information support raising information in this sector is essential and application of these types of apps in essential. Impact of these types of learning process provides the initial focus for students towards meeting the professional development in the market. In the current situation, it is essential for having an effective structure for the development of interest of the student as well as a teacher towards the progress of classroom learning.


1.6 Research limitations

Major limitations identified associated with lack of primary research methods as particular real facts and figure based on data. However, lack of budget, as well as limited availability of time, is one of barrier in this research work.  

2. Literature Review


2.1 Introduction

Application of new technology in this field is a major support for overcoming critical issues in a systematic process. Therefore, in traditional learning process, there is limited assistance for students and the implementation of iPads in classroom offer more learning support and communication. Impact of internet communication can be supported towards meeting requirements of work in a supportive way. Identifications of major issues in learning becoming easy as well as formulations of better learning activities are the main purpose of the educational sector. These types of support offering a variety of learning support for students in the classroom. Digital learning process offers effective communication support which will be essential for the development of new learning habits. Ditzler, Hong & Strudler (2016) commented that, overcoming old learning issue is necessary for the development of advanced technology. Influences of these types of learning process were essential in associations to reach the desired result in this sector.           

2.2 Benefits of new technology implications in the classroom

In present days the learning process requires advanced technology support for improving technical skills for overcoming critical challenges in this field. However, knowledge management based on new technology support is essential to the expansion of learning skills. Professional as well as other skills based on new technology support can be one of the effective processes which offer support for reducing the learning barrier in a systematic order. In the present situation, the growing popularity of mobile information and their application in the classroom has effective support in relation to making a significant effort. As per the opinion of Mango (2015), encourage the learning process based on these practices provides information support for students for learning things in a better way.

Overcoming challenges in this sector provides support towards meeting requirement of learning objective and maintain of the learning process. Based on these types of the learning process is helpful for offer support and care in perspective for enhancing the performance of the student in addition to the teacher in this field. According to Vaughan & Beers (2017), it is necessary for having a higher objective for raising performance and ability for meeting risk of the learning process. Implications of these apps in learning process contribute good scope for student for making an efficient decision related to their learning ability.


2.3 Theories of digital technology management

As per the requirement of learning process in current days most of educational organization prefers digital technology as it offer support for e-learning process. The implication of these types of practices offers good scope for development of the student learning process in an advanced way. In this regard proper management of information it is necessary for understanding particular factors which help in order to adoption of new technology in the educational sector.


2.3.1Behaviorism theory

According to Gros & García-Peñalvo (2016), this theory offers support for understanding the requirement of digital learning support as per the behavior of students. However, this theory is supportive for understanding the basic requirement of students and the formulation of strategic planning. Offering support and educational guidance as per the requirement of student can be helpful for tacit knowledge, as well as applying new technology in the classroom. These types of theory are supportive for enhancing learning process of students that has direct contribution to their progress level. Innovation and integration of technical knowledge in the educational sector offer an effective role for overcoming critical issues by support of the advanced strategy. In this regard knowledge management in the educational sector is essential for the development of learning environment for student in a highly competitive market.

2.3.2Connectivist learning design models

The implication of this leaning design model in the educational sector provides effective planning as well as coordination in relation to the progress of the learning process. Application of these types of model is essential towards encouraging students for the utilization of advanced technology in their learning process. According to Goldie (2016), connectivist learning design models offer good support for students for raising their performance level as per the requirement of the learning process.

Impact of these types of support for students has higher level of contribution in perspective of development of activities in a scientific way. There are many opportunities in the learning sector for enhancing professional skills based on digital technologies which has direct impact on the learning process.

2.4 Challenges in implication of iPads in classroom                

In the learning process adaption of advanced technology requires huge capital investment. However, due to increasing competition in this sector these types of investment is necessary for the association to the progress of children. The incorporation of iPads in the classroom is considered as major support and care for the development of an organization in an effective process. Contribution of teacher increases by the adoption of these learning skills in relation to proper management of learning skills in an advanced manner. The biggest challenges in the educational sector are the adoption of appropriate technology for the management of learning process and enhancing learning skills of student (Resnick (2017). Incorporation of advanced technology requires huge capital investment and in perspective of achieving desired results, these types of implication have a significant role in development of teaching practices in urban as well as rural area. Woloshyn, Bajovic & Worden (2017) these types of technology application in this sector considered as imperative for learning sector for empowering student for learning things in a better process.

Understanding critical challenges in the implications of new technology in the classroom will be essential for the development of educational level. Apart from this, Vaughan, M., & Beers, C. (2017) mention that, in modern learning process adoption of these practices in rural as well as urban educational sector providing more support for reducing challenges in learning practices.           

2.5 Technologies management         

Introduction of new technology in the classroom can be supportive for empowers students as well as a teacher for the adoption of effective teaching and learning process. An impact of these types of students’ empowerment in educational level is helpful for students towards raising processional skills that have a direct influence on their performance. Apart from this, advanced technologies implication, as well as apps support, reduces learning barrier by enhancing information sources. New technology application based on advanced software support can be essential for teacher for the formulation of teaching strategies as well as innovative practices which are effective for making better learning process (Maich & Hall, 2016).

Identification of challenges based on the learning experience of the student in classroom will also provide support for the teacher for making effective teaching practices. Lack of updated technology in this sector is leading to a decline in the performance level of educational practices so it is essential for having up to date software in this sector.

2.7 Literature Gap    

Lack of information related to existing literature related to this topic requires a higher level of research support in this particular area. However, it is essential for having a proper understanding of challenges in order to the adoption of new technology support in the classroom as their economic structure. The implication of advanced technology in classroom is effective for raising more learning practices in educational sector. Therefore, it becomes easier for the establishment of effective teaching practices based on advanced technology support future learning process of a student.


2.8 Conclusion

Learning process becomes easier due to the presence of support and encouragement from different professions in this field. Communication among teacher and student becoming strong as a proper communications channel application. These types of learning in schools offer better future for students and it is helpful for teacher towards the formulation of an excellent learning environment. 

3. Methodology          


3.0 Introduction

In order to establishment of research work, proper application of research techniques has a direct influence on the accomplishment of research work in a scientific way.

3.1 Research Philosophy       

In association with the establishment of research work different types of philosophies were supportive for getting information as well as idea related to the expected result of research. Therefore, there are 3 types of philosophies were utilized to analyzing the investigation work such as realism, positivism as well as interpretivism. According to the positivisms, it supports the analysis of the research question, as well as a hypothesis, were determined. As per second methods variables were utilized for analysis of research work. However, interviews, as well as observation, were used in 3 rd methods which are interpretive. In perspective of present research work positivism philosophy has been considered by the researcher for conducting research work.

3.2 Research Approach        

According to research requirement research approaches utilized such as deductive as well as inductive methods. Therefore, deductive were considered in relation to satisfying research objective as well as support for finding the answer of questions. Several theories were considered for gathering various types of information related to the present process that will be supportive for answering questions. However, as per inductive methods, the existing theory was not applicable and it is known for building new theory with support of observation as well as the description. In current research work, descriptive methods will be considered for the accomplishment of research work.

3.3 Research Design  

In research work research design were classified into 3 divisions such as exploratory, explanatory and descriptive design. As per the exploratory research design problem that arises related to the implication of theory or view can be solved with the support of this design. However, in association with detailed work were considered based on existing theory methods is explanatory research design. In addition to this, descriptive research design offer scope for study any topic as well as describe it without any internal influence on it. As per present research work descriptive methods have been considered in order to achieve better results.


3.4 Contribution

The implication of iPad in classroom offers good contribution for raising performance level of learning activities. Based on these types of learning process has an effective contribution in the educational sector towards building a strong curriculum for students. Communication and learning process becomes effective in this regard understanding challenges in this matter is necessary. Contribution of this research work in the educational sector is most significant for offering the right direction for empowering student for learning in a better environment. Impact of these practices offer support towards overcoming traditional learning issues based on advance learning media application in classroom.           

3.5 Data Collection Method

In research, work data were collected from primary as well as secondary methods. As per primary data, collection technique information was collected from an interview, direct survey as well as direct sampling methods. According to secondary methods data were collected from existing literature such as books, journals or websites etc (Chen et al. 2018). However, in this present research work, secondary data collection methods have been considered for the accomplishment of research wok.


3.6 Sampling Techniques

As per research work requirements sampling techniques utilized and there are two types of techniques are probability and non-probability technique. Present research work non –probability techniques will be considered as this technique provides the support to a researcher for getting ideas by help of observing the data in a possible way.


3.7 Sampling Size

Present research work is based on thematic analysis for these reasons 5 journals will be considered for gathering information related to this subject.    

3.8 Ethical consideration           

In relation to the accomplishment of research work in a scientific manner, data protection act has been considered as well as data that has been gathering through literature review may not be commercialized. Dignity and respects will be maintained in current research work in order to participants indulging and proper consent obtains in order to establishment of research work.

3.9 Timeline     

Research activities


2nd weeks

3rd weeks

4th  weeks

Selection process of the research topic





Composition of literature review





Methodology selection and carry out the research





Final submission of the research





(Source: Created by Author)


3.10 Summary

As per growing new technology application demand in the educational sector, it is essential for having proper support of the advanced strategy. Therefore, understanding these requirements can offer good scope for overcoming challenges which arise in teaching and learning process by the support of iPad introduction in the classroom.

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