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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, SEM1, 2020

Assignment #2 (Team Presentation) & #3 (Team Research Report) 

2.       Team Presentation (10%) Duration: 15 Minutes

Due: In Scheduled Tutorial (Week 10)


3.       Team Research Report (10%) Word Count: 3500 words

Due: Friday, 29 May 2020 - 17:00 (Week 11) 

There are new and exciting developments that are taking place in the Business Intelligence literature that is constantly shaping the use and implementation of Business Intelligence and Data warehousing tools and applications in organizations. The objective of this assessment is to:

(i)                 Provide a forum for students to investigate the practice, approaches and understanding of business intelligence as it is being applied in the real world to realize organizational objectives. 

(ii)                 Allow students to show innovation and creativity in applying SAP BusinessObjects Lumira, SAP Predictive Analytics, or any other analytical tool and designing useful visualization for chosen datasets.

Students are expected to select a data set of choice and through analysis of the selected dataset and research into the literature complete the following Assessment tasks.

Assessment Task 2 (Team Presentation) & Task 3 (Team Research Report)

Task #2: Team Presentation

Duration – 15 Minutes

Due – In Scheduled Tutorial (Week 10)

Task #3: Team Research Report

Word Count – 3500 words

Due - Friday, 29 May 2020 - 17:00 (Week 11)

 Students form a team of 3 to 4 members to complete the Task #2 and Task #3. Each team has to develop innovative analytics and visualization of the selected datasets. Each team will give a presentation and submit an academic research report of 3500 words that draws on the chosen datasets, to demonstrate their understanding on the following Business Intelligence areas. 

“With the rising complexity of the business intelligence environment, the identification of trends and market developments is a key factor in effective decision-making. It is increasingly important to use the latest technologies and approaches in order to cope with digitalization and market competition”.

Assessment Tasks #2 & #3 (Team Presentation and Research Report)

a.       The team report must address the following:

b.       Include a discussion about Two (2) most important BI Trends (e.g. Data quality/Master data management, Data discovery/Visualization, Self-service BI etc.)

c.       Describe the impact of BI and Data Analytics specifically in the novel and interesting domains of Government, Banking, Manufacturing, Sports, Healthcare or Cyber Security etc.

d.      Each team only required to choose Two (2) domains with Two (2) respective dataset

for their research. 

e.       IMPORTANT: For this assignment, selected datasets have to be different than the assignment #1 (Individual Analytic Report). 

f.        Team report must include at least 15 references.

Some Datasets/Sources:

General Guidelines

Marks would depend on the following factors:

1.  Depth of research to illustrate the BI tools/application, chosen

2.  Quality of reference provided

3.  Quality of overall team presentation and academic report writing 

Make sure your follow academic report structure with cover page, introduction, use of headings, subheadings, conclusion sand reference section.

Please note that all references must adhere to APA style.

You are reminded to read the “Plagiarism” section of the course description. Your essay should be a synthesis of ideas from a variety of sources expressed in your own words. 

A passing grade will be awarded to assignments adequately addressing all assessment criteria. Higher grades require better quality and more effort. For example, a minimum is set on the wider reading required. A student reading vastly more than this minimum will be better prepared to discuss the issues in depth and consequently their report is likely to be of a higher quality. So before submitting, please read through the assessment criteria very carefully.

Team Presentation


Weighting: 10%

Each team is expected to create and present a 15 minutes overview of their research report. Student Names/IDs:

Assessment Criteria





Contents – integration, comparison, findings, implications and impacts





Presentation Style e.g. clarity, engagement, confidence etc.


Timing (10 minutes)




General Comments:

Team Report

Weighting: 10%

Student Names/IDs:

Assessment Criteria


Very Good



Unsatisfactory (0)


Information is well

Information is

Information is

Information is


organized, well

organized, well

somewhat organized,

somewhat organized,


written, with proper

written, with proper

proper grammar and

but proper grammar


grammar and

grammar and

punctuation mostly

and punctuation not


punctuation are used

punctuation. Correct

used. Correct layout

always used. Some


throughout. Correct

layout used.


elements of layout


layout used.





Structure guidelines

Structure guidelines

Structure guidelines

Some elements of




followed exactly

mostly followed.

structure omitted







Introduces the topic

Introduces the topic


Introduces the topic


of the report in an

of the report in an

introduces the topic

of the report, but


extremely engaging

engaging manner

of the report.

omits a general


manner which

which arouses the

Gives a general

background of the


arouses the reader's

reader's interest.


topic and/or the


interest. Gives a

Gives some general

Indicates the overall

overall "plan" of the


detailed general

background and

"plan" of the paper.



background and

indicates the overall




indicates the overall

"plan" of the paper.




"plan" of the paper.




Discussion of

All topics discussed

Consistently detailed

Most topics are



in depth. Displays

discussion. Displays


discussion of issues


deep analysis of

sound understanding




issues with no

with some analysis of

Displays some



irrelevant info.

issues and no

understanding and

understanding or



irrelevant information

analysis of issues.

analysis of most





issues and/or some





irrelevant information.


An interesting, well

A good summary of

Satisfactory summary

Poor/no summary of


written summary of

the main points.

of the main points.

the main points.


the main points.

A good final comment

A final comment on

A poor final comment


An excellent final

on the subject, based

the subject, but

on the subject and/or


comment on the

on the information

introduced new

new material


subject, based on the





information provided.










Correct referencing

Mostly correct

Mostly correct

Not all material


(APA). All quoted

referencing (APA). All

referencing (APA )



material in quotes

quoted material in

Some problems with



and acknowledged.


quoted material and

Some problems with


All paraphrased

&acknowledged. All

paraphrased material

the reference list.



paraphrased material

Some problems with





the reference list.



Correctly set out

Mostly correct setting




reference list.

out reference list.








/10 marks



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