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Activity 2

Business Letter                                                                                              Date: 01/06/2020

John Whiskey

A.B.C. Limited

7/25 Adelaide Street

Brisbane City QLD 4000


Mobile No.004-2565-8725


Robert Walker

X.Y.Z. Limited

346, Panaroma Avenue

Bathurst NSW- 2795

S.U.B.: Updated Billing Frequency

Dear Mr. Robert,

I am writing this letter mainly to inform the launch of a new pricing model in the month of June 1, 2020. The process of switching to a new technique usually describes the annual billing system transformed to “quarterly billing system”. This type of system usually contains several types of vital information gained from the impact of our organization.

Therefore, the employees of the company have conducted rigorous research work to maintain the billing system of the company. It is also settled due to several types of feedback maintained by the customers.

So this is the reason for the transformation of the billing system to a quarterly billing system. This letter will notify all the changes made to the company in your absence. We thank you for your “continued business” with us and your feedback will be very useful for us.


John Whiskey

Activity 4


Sub: Invitation of a meeting

I am the manager of A.B.C. Limited at your X.Y.Z. Company. A meeting has been conducted in Queensland at Royal Resort, for discussing the budget of the company. Therefore all the Board of Directors have been called to the meeting to attend it. Here the launch of new products will also be discussed by cooperating with all the Board of Directors.


So, I request to attend the venue on 5/07/2020 at 5 p.m as the location mentioned above. All the discussion of the company’s budget will be held. Your presence will be very grateful to us and forward to receive your feedback.

I look forward to your expense

Have a wonderful day

Mr. Robert

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