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            Internet is the most advanced and innovative technology for the world till now and has become the most considerable factor for the comforts of the human beings (Mangelsdorf, 2017). However, data or information saved on the internet are vulnerable to cyberattacks and could lead to the expose of data or information. Manipulation and expose of data or information could lead to the privacy and security issue for the individuals that makes it one of the concerning topic for the world.   


            Cyberattacks is generally attempted by intruders for the financial gain or in the name of national security for espionage. Various attacks around the world have threatened on how dangerous could be such attacks. Espionage such as Stuxnet was one of the most dangerous intrusion made by some federal agencies of either Iraq or U.S. that could be used to gain control over the computers and thus could provide access of the chemical plants, pipelines, refineries, Nuclear Power Plants and many more (Hayes, 2017). Similar attack that shakes the world was WannaCry ransomware attacks that infected the systems over the world. In such attacks, intruders gain access over the system and does not allows users to access the files and in exchange ask for the money. Once the data is compromised, it does not matter whether the individual whether hoe or she gets the access to the data or not.

How Attacks Occurred

            Malicious coding or viruses are transmitted to the computer through phishing or USB drives or any other method that infects the systems. Infecting system provides access to the intruder to the data or information saved in the systems that could be further used for the personal profit. Stuxnet was spread through the USB devices that provides access to the fields mentioned above via controlling the PLCs (computer language to operate factories and machines) (Aurangzeb et al., 2017). Ransomware on the other hand take benefit of the internet to be spread and infected the computers globally. Thus, encrypted the files saved in the system and for cryptographic key (tool for the decryption) was being offered in the exchange of money in the form of BitCoin.

Measures to Mitigate Threats

Encrypting the data, using anti-viruses, anti-malwares, using updated firewalls, original operating systems are some of the vital measures for being protected from such intrusion. Education and training are other factors that could be helpful in identifying the methods that might be listed under intrusion (Weinstein, 2016). Not exposing passwords and physical protection of the database is other considering facts related to the protective measures for data breaches.


            It can be concluded that this could be used as a ‘mass destructive’ weapon and could affect the world severely. Thus, protective measures should be given first priority for the application of wireless networks. On the other hand there are several ethical issues related to the application of internet that could lead to the privacy and security of the individuals using Information Systems. Measures stated above could be helpful in ensuring the security of data or information saved on the systems.



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