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SoftArch Engineering Limited is one of the famous civil engineering companies of Australia. The organization has the target to put all of their data in cloud and they want to close their Brisbane data centre. Now the organization wants to make a combined data generation centre where they could be able to access the data centre and as well as they also can use cloud infrastructure for the process (Mell and Grance, 2011).

cloud 1.jpgAfter getting information it has been found that respective organization wants to implement Hybrid Cloud computing mechanism for the operation. Delivery process of cloud based services could be segregated in different ways. Three important cloud generation service delivery processes have been mentioned below;

Ø  SAAS: SAAS stands for software as a service. Ion this developer upgrade the software in cloud and users don’t have to install any kind of software for accessing the service. This process could be used for both private and public entity.

Ø  cloud 2.jpg
PAAS: This is called platform as a service. In this case a database link will be attached to the server or cloud.  This process is totally restricted for the public. Analysis stated that this process is normally maintained and followed by organizations for making the process smooth and fast.

Ø  IAAS: This is one of the important cloud computing frameworks. In this case a special physical hardware is used and the process stays completely at virtual stage. This physical hardware stays completely in virtual phase. Business management of an organization must have to pay for accessing this type of service (Armbrust, 2010).


After analyzing the overall system of SoftArch Engineering Limited system must have to focus on the SAAS platform as they want to use Hybrid cloud computing framework for making the service more efficient and effective. Hybrid mechanism would be helpful for the organization to manage all kinds of activities in an appropriate manner. The hybrid technology of the organization has been mentioned below;


cloud 3.jpgIn the above picture overall Hybrid technology for the organization has been showcased. Hybrid cloud could be segregated in two sub categories; one is private cloud and other is public cloud. Both clouds are stayed in virtual mode. Sharing of resources would be needed among the clouds. The above cloud is designed in SAAS platform and through this process private cloud could be accessed as well as with the public cloud. This architecture also could be said as service oriented architecture or SOA.

After having analysis it has been obtained that respective organization could be able to get benefit through this process. All the advantages of using this technique have been mentioned below;

Ø  Respective organization could be able to secure the overall operations in an appropriate manner.

Ø  By the help of this technology only limited numbers of people could be allowed to access the database.

Ø  After having analysis it could also be stated that scaling of the overall database infrastructure could be done efficiently.

Ø  If the data stays in cloud then the staffs and senior managers could easily track all kinds of operations properly.

Ø  Cost of using Saas is less which could give financial benefit to the organization.

Ø  Any kind of operation could be tracked by a single analyst or administrator, for this reason this process could be beneficial for this organization.

After having analysis it has been found that lots of risks are associated with the overall Hybrid cloud computing process. All the risks associated with this process have been mentioned below with the mitigation plan. Management of the organization must have to sort out all those issues so that a beneficial outcome in the project could be obtained.


Mitigation plan

Cost (though making public cloud is quiet easier and less costly, private cloud making will need high costing)

Before implementing any kind of hybrid cloud management of the organization must have to prepare appropriate cloud computing plan where both private and public computing will be considered.

Networking issues ( It has been observed through close observation that sometime both private and public network configuration create a complex issue in the networking issue)

In this particular case respective management of the organization must have to appoint a skilful developer who could be able to execute and differentiate two elements significantly.

Security compliance (sometime threats are found at the time data sharing process).

Management of the respective organization must have to apply appropriate encryption and decryption technique for protecting data from any other alternatives or threats.


Through the above mentioned different threats associated with the process could be understood and management of this organization must have to maintain these types of activities for protecting data from threats.

It would be the utmost duty of the management to protect the overall cloud data properly. This data is highly important for an organization like SoftArch Engineering Limited. For this reason respective developer must have to propose some recommendation towards the management so that any kind of threat wouldn’t be occurred.

·         Maintaining all kinds of data protection norms and acts: Lots of security related norms are there which must have to be maintained by every single business organization present in the market. According to some researchers and analysts, many organizations execute and implement technological platform without caring the norms and regulations of data protection act. In this case management of the organization must have to focus on the Australian data protection act.

·         Implementation of high class authentication method: organizational management must have to implement appropriate authentication process for secure the overall process. This could be said as the asset of an organization which can track all the records and keep information safely. Though Hybrid technology allows both private and public accusation, but appropriate authentication protocol must have to be maintained. In this case SSO could be used single sigh on operation. By the virtue of this principle when an authentic user will visit to the portal then appropriate user ID and password will allow him to access the service.

·         Usefulness of encrypted emails: In this 21st century this process could be said as most viable and reliable option to protect data from any kind of inconveniences. In this case an encryption code will be attached to the cloud database, if any kind of spoofing will occur then an encryption mail will be transferred to the user. Through this process data could be protected from any kind of threats.

·         Better access controls: Different methods could also be implemented in the organizational premises for increasing the strength of security in the organizational data access. In this case HyTrust and Catbird etc these types of products could be used for making a granular pathway of accessing data in the cloud.

·         Preparation of virtual containers: Different new techniques are there which could help to track the data content directly. For example management of the organization could use Docker for tracking the data directly and any time.

Through the above mentioned procedures overall security of the service could be improved.

Three types of issues are attached with the Hybrid computing system and these issues must have to be sorted out with appropriate components and tools.

Ø  Application Resilience: A watchdog is there which could be able to check the resilience in the procedure. If any kind of inconveniences will be occurred then watchdog will rectify that element.

Ø  Backup in Hybrid Cloud Computing process: Backup or storage is an essential item for the database like Hybrid. Analysis states that Hybrid Storage is homogeneous by nature. An appliance is there in cloud that has been making link between the public cloud and on premises activities (Buyya, Yeo and Venugopal, 2008).

Ø  Disaster recovery policy in Cloud computing process: For any kind of cloud computing process whether it is hybrid or normal a specific disaster recovery plan must have to be there. Back -up and restore options associated with this cloud computing mechanism helps the management or organization to keep the data safe and sound.

Through the above mentioned ways Hybrid Technology could be adopted in the organizational premises. By the help of these procedures overall understanding of cloud computing could be done very easily.

For implementing this type of element lots of issues need to be taken care of. By analyzing this process management of an organization could easily be able to execute all of its functionalities in an appropriate manner. Cloud computing is an important and vital activity which must have to be maintained by every single organization. For executing all of the functionalities properly, management of SoftArch Company needs to focus on these issues.

·         Remote server administration: Appropriate architecture or framework would be needed for executing these types of activities.

cloud 5.jpg

cloud 6.jpgThrough the above mentioned picture architecture of cloud computing could be understood. In this case different types of devices are connected to internet and internet is accessed through cloud server. This internet facility allows the user to surf cloud database. On the other hand the diagram showcases the attachment of three vital platforms like saas, iaas and paas. These cloud platforms are attached to the cloud provider.

·         Resource management plan: For doing cloud computing appropriate resource would be highly needed. In this case three essential phases or requirement analysis has been made to justify the cloud computing resources in the case of organizational premises.

·         SLA management in cloud computing scenario:

cloud 7.jpg

Through the above mentioned architecture overall service level management in the case of cloud computing sector could be understood.

At this present moment respective organization SoftArch wants to implement AWS cloud computing process Amazon Web Service. Through this service management of the organizations could be able to analyze, synthesize and critic all kinds of data and information. By the help of this process a brief understanding over the matter could be obtained. After having the analysis it has been found that cost of implementing this system is very less and overall service delivery process is very fast. By the help of this process management of the organization could be able to manage all of its information in an ethical and efficient manner.

cloud 8.jpg

Different fundamental aspects of AWS have been mentioned above.

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